About New England Roofing & Home Repair

Our story began quite some time ago when my wife and I were a young, newly married couple. We’ve decided to purchase a beautiful new house, and we found the home of our dreams pretty quickly and immediately decided to buy it. Even though we were told that the house had a new roof, we started having some pretty serious problems with it just a few years after the purchase. The roof began to leak, and we couldn’t understand why!

The first thing we did was contact the company that had a warranty on that very same roof, as we were given this warranty by the guy we bought the house from. And no matter how many times we called and how many messages we left, this company did not respond, and we realized that things wouldn’t go anywhere like that. At that point, our situation was getting more and more desperate – not only we had tarps all over our roof, but we also spent some $20,000 because of the damage caused by water and had three insurance claims for which our insurance company dropped us, and we had to find a new one, paying some $3,500 for it.

We had two different roofing companies attempting to fix the leaks, but none of them did a proper job – all that they did was leave us with empty promises. We slowly began to hate our new house, having an ugly tarp on the roof and being completely unable and unsure who should we trust to fix our problems.

Two years later, we finally found an independent roofer who immediately inspired our trust, and we decided to give him a chance to take care of our issues. We were so impressed with the results that the guy became a family friend!

One day, we had him over for dinner, and we joked that we should try to start a roofing company together, one that would provide proper workmanship for normal prices. And that actually happened in the end – our nightmare roofing issues turned into something positive, and that’s the New England Roofing & Home Repair Company.

Certified Roofing Technicians

Our skilled and fully trained roofing crew consists of full licensed, insured and bonded roof technicians who are up to date with the latest roofing technology and are fully equipped with the latest state of the art tools, high quality materials and specialty vehicles. We purchase all of our roofing products and materials from the most trusted supplier and stock up on only premium quality roofing products made from recognized manufacturers offering solid warranties. In addition, as an established roof repair company, we never subcontract out parts of any project for any of the commercial and residential roofing projects we take on that include certified roof construction, licensed roof installation and cost effective preventative roof maintenance programs.

Advanced Roofing Solutions

We take pride in being at the cutting edge of modern roofing technology and offer our clients the latest advancements in energy efficient roofing systems that include single ply roofing membranes and a range of cost saving EPDM rubber roof restoration alternatives to roof replacement. A free consultation with a New England Roofing & Home Repair roofing expert includes accurate price estimates and knowledgeable recommendations for any of our roof services that are always customized to your budget and limited to the services you actually need. From the initial first meeting onsite at your commercial or residential location we strive to provide our valued clients with the most cost effective and suitable solutions and guarantee that each project will be completed promptly and efficiently.

Warranty Protected Roofing Systems

Some inexperienced roofing contractors may cut corners with substandard materials or rush through a roofing installation which may actually result in a voided manufacturer warranty. Our certified New England Roofing & Home Repair roofers never take shortcuts that could compromise the safety and quality of your commercial or residential roof. We strive to offer the highest quality roofing, siding, gutter installations and chimney services in the region and back up our work with lifetime warranties. Our licensed roof installations are completed properly the first time to ensure the best product performance and a complete roof lifespan. We are consistently committed to providing service and product excellence that not only ensures the safety and structural integrity of your home or business but geared to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our secret to our success is simple: we always satisfy the needs of our customers. Because this is our guiding value, we stake our reputation as roofing contractors on it. Our commitment to excellence applies to every task we do, including the following:

  • Licensed, insured and fully trained roofing professionals
  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff
  • Organized and efficient work practices
  • Customized roof services that include a range of the latest roofing options and incorporates the latest energy efficient and environmentally sustainable roof solutions
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